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50 Years of Software Engineering

The term "software engineering" was defined in late 1967.  The ability to develop and deploy large complex software-intensive systems has progressed tremendously over the past fifty years, greatly aided by advances in hardware capabilities, performance, and reliability.  As a result, people routinely use applications that would have seemed inconceivable when the term "software engineering" was coined, to the extent that advanced societies are increasingly dependent on their continuing reliable operation. This talk represents an effort to identify and categorize our seminal research projects and engineering efforts that have played a key role in advancing the field to its current state, and to point out some ongoing work that will be central to future advances.

This talk would give a historical perspective of how the field has evolved and what is likely/possible for the future.

Speaker: Anthony Wasserman, Carneigie Mellon Univ., Silicon Valley

Wednesday, 11/15/17


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