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Taste of Science: Plant Breathing and Human Memory

Understand learning & memory by "SUSHI MODEL"

In this talk, i would be covering questions like Is our brain "plastic"? IF it is, then how does it work? How do we learn & forget stuff ? How are bags of information carried long distance in brain?How and when do these bags reach to their release sites in a cell? I would like to give you a roadmap of cargoes trafficking in neuron which will help us understand learning and memory attributes of brain.

Speaker: Vinita Bharat, Stanford

How land plants learned to "breathe"

I thought I'm cool until I figured that plants eat sunlight and poop oxygen" read a viral tweet. Plants have the amazing capability to turn sunlight and carbon dioxide into the sugars we eat and oxygen we breathe. Land plants evolved adjustable, cellular valves on their leaf surfaces to allow for carbon dioxide uptake while restricting water loss through transpiration. Rice, corn, wheat and other grasses strongly improved their "breathing" efficiency by improving the form of their valves.

Speaker: Michael Raissig, Stanford

Wednesday, 12/20/17


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