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People and Robots Seminar

Continuum manipulators are a class of long, slender soft robots that can be employed for minimally invasive surgical procedures such are cardiac cath eterization, colonoscopy, and bronchoscopy.  The soft nature of these devices introduces uncertainty in modeling both due to the deformable nature of the manip ulator and the environment. To deal with uncertainty in continuum manipulators, my group has developed two approaches to control that greatly reduce the need f or modeling and instead rely on continuous measurement of the device.  In addition, we are beginning to work on the problem of dealing with uncertainties in th e environment by performing continuous real-time registration to moving anatomy, using image feedback and deep learning.  I will discuss our control and locali zation research in this talk, working toward the ultimate goal of automating minimally invasive surgery.

Speaker: David Camarillo, Stanford

This seminar was originally scheduled for 12/4/17.

Monday, 01/22/18


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Sutardja Dai Hall

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