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Is Quantum Entanglement Magic?

Dr. Ken Wharton is a professor of physics at San Jose State University. His research is in the field of Quantum Foundations, where he tries to make sense of phenomena like entanglement without giving up conventional notions of space and time. He also makes an effort to explain Quantum Foundations to a general audience; some of his popular-science writing has appeared in New Scientist, Nautilus, and Aeon.

Dr. Wharton sums up his topic: “Entanglement phenomena are the closest thing we have to reproducible magic, and even physicists can’t agree as to what’s really going on. Is it spooky action at a distance, or retro-causality, or conspiracies that govern our choices? And what is a good skeptic to do when every explanatory option seems unacceptable " when nature forces us to train skepticism inward, towards our strongest intuitions?”

Chabot Space & Science Center, in the Chemistry Lab. Please enter by the stairs at the first loading dock on the side access road. A lighted EAS sign will point the way.


Saturday, 01/20/18


Deborah Gomez

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