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The Cutting Edge of Artificial Intelligence

When we think about the future, we need to think deeply about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Historically, the world has been able to advance new and unknown science and technologies. Is AI in a different category, or can we trust that the experts are making good progress and that there are checks and balances integrated into the "system" to avoid singularity? Come hear the world's AI experts discuss the latest in human-machine collaboration and new forms of Human Computer Interfaces, how AI can learn faster, more accurately and from fewer examples, how we are building explainable and transparent AI, and how we are thinking about smart reasoning being designed “at the edge.”

There are many topics to discuss: Not long ago, AI was considered taboo; now everything is called AI; What is the difference between AI, automation, machine learning, and deep learning? When does an algorithm become an AI algorithm? China is ahead of the US in number of AI papers published, of AI scientists, and official government commitment; what is the danger? Can AI win a Nobel Prize for a scientific discovery or in literature?


  • Margareta Ackerman, Santa Clara Univ
  • Andra Keay, Silicon Valley Robotics
  • Tolga Kurtoglu, CEO, PARC
  • Piero Scaruffi, Author, Host of Bay Area LASERs
  • Allen Saakyan, Science Communicator

Thursday, 02/22/18


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