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Fast Computation of Reachable Tubes for Provably Safe Unmanned Aerial Systems Traffic Management

There is a pressing demand to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly termed as drones, in the national airspace to enable a plethora of services such as package delivery, infrastructure monitoring, news and sports coverage, and precision agriculture. Recent research and development efforts in industry, Government and academia have focused on designing a dedicated traffic management system for unmanned aerial vehicles, operating at low altitude. Unlike the existing manned air traffic management, the unmanned air traffic management (UTM) system is envisioned to have higher degree of autonomy, and must be provably safe while guaranteeing high throughput. As a networked cyber-physical system, UTM has many unique design challenges which essentially stem from the fact that different groups of drones may have conflicting business needs, and yet are required to share the same physical space-time resource. This talk will outline a UTM motion protocol to guarantee real-time safety, which relies on timely computation of reachable tubes of the drones subject to measurement and wind uncertainties. We will propose algorithms for fast computation of outer approximation of these tubes to enable this motion protocol, and will provide numerical results.

Speaker: Abhishek Halder, UC Santa Cruz

Monday, 02/12/18


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Sutardja Dai Hall

UC Berkeley
Room 250
Berkeley, CA 94720