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Nerd Nite East Bay: Firescaping, AR Vision, Bay Cocktail History

Flora Firewall: Fighting Fires With Flowers

Wildfires can burn at a rate of nearly fifteen miles per hour, so human understanding of how different plants respond to fire conditions is crucial. Firescaping looks at how aesthetic concerns interact with safety, and how a deeper knowledge of plant physiology and classification can help prevent plants from becoming tiki torches. Learn how clever combinations of plant cuttings and smart species sequencing may contribute to your own elegant flora firewall.

Speaker: Jennifer de Graaf is the Director of Education for ReScape California

Optic Nerve Manipulation and Augmented Reality

Ten million years ago our primate ancestors evolved a novel additional “channel” of vision in the optic nerve, with important implications for how humans use and combine both vision pathways to see the world around us. Many of the famous optical illusions are based on the relationship between the two vision channels, and augmented reality products have started to utilize this two path structure to enhance and improve reality with supplementation by computer processing. Manipulate your own vision pathways with on stage demonstrations of optical illusions, and learn how neuroscience and a changing philosophy of language are driving a new way of seeing the world.

Speaker: Doyle Saylor works for the East Bay Center for the Blind in Berkeley

The Hidden History of Bay Area Cocktails

The cocktail renaissance that swept along the West Coast in the 1990s and continues today owes much of its genesis to a small bar in the East Bay that brought classic drinks back from the edge of extinction. Shanna Farrell of the Oral History Center at UC Berkeley uncovered the lost history of a cocktail book passed between daring new bartenders throughout the Bay Area, drink evolution driven by one of the world’s first “cocktail blogs”, and how East Bay nightlife become a lot better (and a little drunker) from one man’s push to bring the new cocktail canon to California.

Speaker:Shanna Farrell is the author of Bay Area Cocktails: A History of Culture, Community and Craft.

Monday, 01/29/18


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