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Mad Science Valentine: Agar Art, Soapmaking, Pink Oyster Mushrooms, Love Potions, Steampunk Lamps, & Mad Science Cocktails!

10-11am: Agart Art

agart art

Come and learn how to make colorful and unique living art. Design your own art piece using our colorful bacteria and then submit your piece for a chance to win in the American Society for Microbiology annual Agar Art Contest.

We will be hosting several workshops, as well as allowing members several months to develop their bacterial art techniques. Come and impress your friends with your ability to make art that is fully and completely alive.

Participants will be able to create their own works on provided petri plate

11am-Noon: Soapmaking

soap making

In this hands-on workshop, learn about the science behind soap and soap making. We will teach you how the saponification process works chemically. Then we will go over commonly used fats in homemade soapmaking and learn how to calculate the correct amount of lye. Finally, we will create a batch of cold process soap together. Students will be able to pick up the finished soap once ready.

1:00-1:30pm: Grow Pink Oyster Mushrooms

grow pink

Come grow some lovely pink oyster mushrooms and learn about fungi biology. During this workshop, you will inoculate a bag with easy-to-grow oyster mushrooms. This variety comes in an eye-catching pink hue. Oyster mushrooms are a common edible, that you can make many recipes with. We will also teach you a couple things about mushroom reproduction and biology.

2:00-3:00pm: Love Potions

love potions

Come learn the art of crafting complex flavors in the simplest of syrups. This class will start with simple a introduction to the syrup making process, and then encourage attendees to craft their own bold flavor experiments. Come find the taste that will make love yours.

3:30-4:30pm: Build a Steampunk lamp

steampunk lamp

Put some more Glow in your life. Join us to upcycle some gorgeous giant light bulbs into a steampunk lamp. Kids welcome, but only under direct adult supervision, since we will be breaking glass, and working with electricity!

5-6pm: Mad Science cocktails

Mad scientists and molecular gastronomists, unite! Join us for this after-hours workshop to play around with some crazy-ass drinks. We'll experiment with spherification, fluorescent beverages, dry ice, and then put it all together. (Cocktails will be non-alcoholic, but feel free to bring some spirits to liven things up yourself!)

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Sunday, 02/11/18


Patrik D'haeseleer

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