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An Isenthalpic-Based Framework for Nonlinear Thermal Simulation

Thermal enhanced oil recovery (EOR) involves the interplay of mass and energy transport with complex phase behavior. Hydrocarbon-water interactions govern the behavior of these systems in which components partition across multiple fluid phases as a function of composition, pressure and temperature. In this work we develop a thermodynamically consistent framework for thermal simulation using an equation of state. Mass and energy conservation laws are solved with a molar variables formulation, in which enthalpy is a primary variable. Isenthalpic flash provides high integrity coupling of the local thermodynamic constraints to the solution of the equations at the global level. We present isothermal and isenthalpic reduced variables algorithms to resolve the strongly non-ideal phase behavior.

Speaker: Michael Connolly, Stanford (PhD defense)

Friday, 02/09/18


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Green Earth Sciences Building

367 Panama St
Room 365, Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305