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taste of science: DNA packaging and error-free communication

What about them Scrambled Genomes?!

You know when your room gets messy, and you finally decide to clean it by putting books on the shelf, arranging papers into folders, and clearing out the dead bodies whom your friends promised never to talk about? After that point, doesn't your room seem way more spacious than when you had all that junk strewn around the place? 

The cell also likes to keep things tidy, dynamic, yet accessible. It packs DNA so that it does not take up too much space. If you were to stretch out all of the DNA in your body end-to-end, it would be approximately 1.2 - 10 billion miles, which is about 70 trips to the Sun and back. How is this possible?

This talk explores many aspects of genome structure and function - from the 1D sequence of the bases to the 3D folding that enables them to fit inside the nucleus of a cell.

Speaker: Dr. Massa Shoura, Stanford

How to communicate clearly in a noisy bar?

Suppose you wish to send a message in a noisy bar.How to make sure you are understood? You might repeat yourself, adding redundancy. But there are lots of ways to add redundancy; for example, the English language has a lot of redundancy built in: u can prbably undrstnd ths sentnc, evn tho mny lettrs r mssing. In this talk, we'll explore some more principled ways of adding redundancy, which are ubiquitous in modern communication and storage systems.

Speaker: Dr. Mary Wootters, Stanford

Wednesday, 02/28/18


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