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An Exciting Course Ahead in Signal Processing

The 21 st century cyber physical age is about the seamless integration of cyber and physical systems. The growth of cyber physical systems is motivated by the need to address the challenges stemming from the socio-economic megatrends such as population increase, changing demographics, rapid urbanization and resource constraints. Cyber physical applications – from healthcare and factories to city scale supply side infrastructure such as power, water, waste, transport – present an exciting opportunity to the signal processing community. With respect to cyber-physical signal processing applications, the key to success lies in taking the learning from today, image signal processing as an example, in combination with the signal processing of the machine age centered around domain knowledge.

Signal processing in the 1980s was about availing structured data streams from physical systems, and using various instruments and analysis techniques, to infer and acting upon the data. The workflow often began with an understanding of the domain - dynamics of physical structures as an example - and running experiments to prove or disprove a hypothesis. In the latter part of 20 th century cyber age, the rise of image processing hardware and the ability to manage large amounts of data, led to exciting advancements in learning from data from visual systems. In this talk, I will make the case that cyber physical systems of tomorrow will require us to take a holistic perspective covering domain knowledge, design and topology associated with computing hardware, together with data mining and knowledge discovery.

We will have to leverage our past to create the future.

Speaker: Chandrakant Patel, HP

Monday, 03/12/18


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$5 General, Free for IEEE members

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3600 Juliette Ln
SC12 Auditorium
Santa Clara, CA 95054