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Physics and Statistics of the Massive Halo Population

New observations and simulations of the most massive cosmic halos that host groups and clusters of galaxies are providing details of the interlocking physical processes that drive astrophysical evolution across this population. In the first part of this talk I will use a few cherry-picked results from last week’s SNOWCLUSTER meeting to illustrate the range and scope of progress. Property covariance - correlated intrinsic variations in observable features at fixed halo mass - is an important descriptive statistic of the massive halo population, and the second part of my talk will present recent results, both computational and empirical, on determining on- and off-diagonal components of the property covariance matrix. In particular, high mass halos at low redshift demonstrate anti-correlated hot gas and galaxy behavior, indicative of their nature as quasi-closed baryon boxes.

Speaker: Gus Evrard, Michigan Univ.

Tuesday, 04/03/18


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