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2D Magnets and Heterostructures

Since the discovery of graphene, the family of two-dimensional (2D) materials has grown to encompass a broad range of electronic properties. However, until recently 2D crystals with intrinsic magnetism were still lacking. Such crystals would enable new ways to study 2D magnetism by harnessing the unique features of atomically-thin materials, such as electrical control for magnetoelectronics and van der Waals engineering for novel interface phenomena. In this talk, I will describe our recent magneto-optical spectroscopy experiments on van der Waals magnets, chromium(III) iodide CrI3. I will discuss the layered antiferromagnetic properties of atomically-thin CrI­3, electrical control of 2D magnetism, and the emerging spin phenomena in van der Waals magnetic heterostructures.

Speaker: Xiaodong Xu, Univ of Washington

Monday, 04/02/18


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UC Berkeley
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