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Nerd Nite SF #95: Parallel Worlds, Elderly Sex, Psychometrics!

“It Came from a Parallel World!”

In 1957, the drunken prankster physicist Hugh Everett found good evidence for parallel universes buried in the mathematics of quantum physics. Learn the real science behind this bizarre idea - and the real history of how Everett’s idea was developed in the 1950s, almost immediately forgotten, and revived again over a decade later.

Adam Becker, UC Berkeley, Author

“Granny Still Gets It On: Aging and Sexual Health”

Why are we as Americans so terrified and grossed out by the idea of older adults having sexual lives? We’re just being prejudiced against our future selves. Dr. Laura Perry, a double board-certified geriatrician and primary care doctor, will talk about the many ways in which sexual lives change as time marches on. The good news: it’s not all bad news! The even better news: no one’s going to ask you to think about your grandparents going at it.

Dr. Perry is a clinical associate professor at UC San Francisco.

"The End of Privacy"

A growing proportion of human activities such as social interactions, entertainment, shopping, and gathering information are now mediated by digital devices and services. Such digitally mediated activities produce an unprecedented amount of digital footprints that can be used to reveal our intimate traits, emotions, and predict future behavior. Given the progress in Artificial Intelligence and computing, we should get ready for the future where privacy is a privilege reserved for the few.

Dr. Michal Kosinski, Stanford

Wednesday, 04/18/18


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