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taste of science: Life on Earth

The Coevolution of Earth and Life

We tend to think of earth influencing the history of life - volcanic eruptions causing extinctions, for example - but the reverse is also true: the evolution of life has fundamentally altered the composition and function of our planet. Major events in the evolution of life as we know it, millions and even billions of years ago, have left their mark on the air we breathe and on the rocks beneath our feet.

Speaker: Sandra Schachat, Stanford

How Museums Can Help people and Planet Thrive

The California Academy of Sciences has launched a new campaign, called PlanetVision, that inspires people to think differently about sustainability. PlanetVision provides science-based plan to address the most critical environmental challenges of our time, focused on food, water, and energy systems. Emily Cassidy will talk about PlanetVision and how museums can create a shared hopeful vision of the future to help people and planet thrive together.

Speaker: Emily Cassidy, California Academy of Sciences

Sea Level Rise and the Future of the Bay Area

Sea level rise projections are changing rapidly, as is our understanding of the impacts. An overview of likely impacts to the Bay Area's natural and built environment will be discussed. Baykeeper partnered with Google to collect unique imagery and conduct analyses of the economic impacts of sea level rise, how it will contribute to contamination of the Bay and our communities, and develop recommendations for what to do. Come and learn more and discuss plans for the future.

Speaker: Ian Wren, Baykeeper


Sunday, 04/22/18


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