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taste of science: Un-consciousness and Bacterial Viruses

The wonderful world of bacterial viruses

There are more bacterial viruses (also known as "bacteriophages" or just "phages") on the planet than bacteria, animals, plants, fungi, and other eukaryotes combined. While phages only infect bacteria, those infections can ultimately impact other parts of the ecosystem, including humans! This talk will discuss why phages are important and interesting, and the methods we are using to discover new phages and phage-bacteria relationships.

Speaker: Maureen Berg, UC Berkeley

The Neural Correlates of Un-Consciousness

One of the dreams of modern neuroscience is to understand the neural correlates of unconsciousness. We've got a long way to go, but we may be getting close to understanding the neural correlates of *un*consciousness.

Speaker: Daniel Toker, UC Berkeley

Sunday, 04/22/18


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