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Quantum Questions

Imagine an entirely new kind of computer based on the surprising physics of the quantum world. They leave digital computing behind in order to solve some incredibly complex calculations in a flash. Such a machine could leave our most powerful digital supercomputers behind for modeling everything from molecules to the climate, changing the way we understand our planet, develop medicines, crack codes, and analyze financial markets. This is the vision for quantum computing.

Academic research labs, startups and tech giants are all making significant bets on making quantum computing a reality. But what exactly is quantum computing and what distinguishes it from the computers we use today? What are the different approaches to making a quantum computer? Have any been made? What impact could quantum computing have on our lives?

Join us as Center for Software History Director David C. Brock leads a conversation with researchers from Google, IBM, and Microsoft about the history, the science, and the future applications of quantum computing.

Speakers: Krysta Svore, Microsoft Research; John Martinis, Google Quantum AI Lab, Jerry Chow, IBM Research

Wednesday, 07/25/18


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