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A Study in Amethyst: in Search of Muir’s Hairstreak Butterfly

Liam O’Brien set a goal for himself in 2017 - to illustrate all the Lycanidae family of
butterflies in the Bay Area: the Blues, Coppers, Metalmarks & Hairstreaks. High on his list was one of the more elusive: Muir’s Hairstreak (Callophrys muiri) - a stunning little gem the size of a nickel, endemic to the Serpentine community of plants.

A freshly-emerged Muir's Hairstreak is a slam dance of the color purple: mauve, lavender and violets. It needs Sargent Cypress (Cupressus sargentii) to host on: the caterpillars actually eat the new needle tips of the tree! 

A tough creature to find, Liam’s got a sure spot for this. We’ll also be strolling through
one of the better Serpentine communities of the Bay. Wacky plant madness! A botanical mosh pit for the eyes!

Sunday, 05/20/18


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