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Augmenting Cognition through Data Visualization

As datasets get larger, it has become increasingly important to manage visual attention and augment cognition. My research has focused on developing novel techniques to draw a viewer's attention to regions of interest in large datasets. These techniques are specifically designed to increase the efficient completion of tasks and to improve the user experience. In this talk, I will present my approaches to solving real-world problems in the fields of atmospheric physics, neurosurgery and mobile data visualization. Our techniques provide temporal context to atmospheric physicists for improved hurricane exploration. I will also present augmented visualization techniques for image-guided navigation during neurosurgery that have resulted in an increased accuracy and confidence among neurosurgeons as compared to the state-of-the-art. I will also present new work from our lab on foveated visualization for rapid exploration that addresses computational complexity when visualizing large datasets.

Speaker: Alark Joshi, Univ. of San Francisco

Thursday, 05/17/18


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