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Building a new Operating System

Round Focus is a theory to visually demonstrate a problem of ambiguous gestures, multitasking, and notifications that current generation of operating systems have. Subhajeet will address user understanding and security monitoring structures in FreeBSD, OpenBSD, with NetBSD (also Windows NT and Mac OS X's Darwin). His new operating system has included both monolithic and microkernel, as a hybrid kernel. In particular, on system file access, legacy boot and secure boot. He notices that based on the Linux kernel, Android still has some noticeable security issues, including closed source vs open source. Currently it is not efficient enough for the user to "get the job done" anymore. Users do not want their desktops to be bombarded with notifications and unnecessary information. One of the elements of the new operating system includes Timed Notification System, which lets the user interact with the notification for a certain amount of time depending on what the user is working on.

Speaker: Subhajeet Mukherjee, Foothill College

Wednesday, 07/18/18


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