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The Amazing Sounds of Birds

Pacific Wren

What bird uses its voice to echolocate inside dark caves? Which bird sings a duet with itself? Which bird sings over a thousand different songs? In this presentation, Nathan Pieplow shares some of his most remarkable audio from over a decade ofrecording birds in the field. You will see the sounds as well as hear them, and learn the stories of the birds that made them, and what some of those birds are actually saying. Nathan lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he teaches writing and rhetoric at the University of Colorado. He is a former editor of the quarterly journal Colorado Birds and one of the developers of the Colorado County Birding Website and the Colorado Birding Trail.    Growing up in South Dakota, Nathan got started identifying bird songs by studying the classic “Birding By Ear” field guides in the Peterson series.  In 2003, facing the frustrations of studying sounds for his first trips to Mexico and Costa Rica, he became dedicated to finding new and better ways to learn, describe and catalog bird sounds.  He needed a book to hold all the information that wouldn’t stay in his brain. The Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds is the result.

Speaker: Nathan Pieplow

Thursday, 08/16/18


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