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Trick of the Hand, Caffeine, and Sewn Scenarios: After Dark

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Trick of the Hand: In Conversation with Artists Tristan Duke and Richard Tuohy

Join us for a screening and conversation between artists Tristan Duke and Richard Tuohy.Sharing a practice in experimental photochemical processing technique and the illusory potential of physics, they’ll discuss their handmade approaches to creating films and photographic works. And they’ll delve into where and how Duke’s work in handmade holograms and Tuohy’s interest in sensory film performance intersect. Led in conversation by Exploratorium educator Paul Dancstep, the talk will be punctuated by a screening from each artist.

7:30 p.m.  Osher Gallery 1, Kanbar Forum
Pairings: Caffeine

7:00 p.m.  Fisher Bay Observatory Gallery

Join us for robust presentations, refreshing conversations, and sample tastings designed to inspire your scientific palate.

Tea and coffee are the world’s most consumed drinks and they both contain the world’s most-consumed psychoactive drug, the alkaloid caffeine. Get a richer understanding of caffeine with Rich Avella, co-owner of Highwire Coffee Roasters and founder of 4track tea, along with Exploratorium Senior Scientist Julie Yu and Seaglass Restaurant's Clay Reynolds and Kevin Godes. Tastings include a cowboy spice rubbed BBQ sandwich on a sweet roll with bread and butter pickle followed by a White Russian with housemade coffee liqueur.


Infinity Room By Refik Anadol will be open as part of the evening.  It will be open daily from June 14 unitl July 15


Included with museum admission.

Note: This experience has very limited capacity; see below for Ticketing Information.

Infinity Room is part of a series of Temporary Immersive Environment Experiments by Refik Anadol. Immersion is the state of consciousness where one’s awareness of their physical self is transformed through an engrossing, often artificial environment, and their sense of a presence in a nonphysical world begins. In this project, the concept of infinity is used to transform the conventional cinema screen into a three-dimensional kinetic and architectural visualization space.

Refik Anadol (b. 1985) is a Los Angeles based media artist and designer born in Istanbul, Turkey. His works explore the interplay between digital and physical entities, creating a hybrid relationship between architecture and media arts. Refik’s work encompasses two major approaches: site-specific public artworks designed from data visualizations and live audio/visual performance crafted as immersive installation.

Please Note: Strobe effects are used in this artwork.  

Please note: Infinity Room has finite capacity. A very limited number of tickets can be reserved online with the purchase of general admission museum tickets. 

The vast majority of tickets will be distributed onsite for that day’s time slots. Tickets will be available at the Black Box in the Osher West Gallery at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and are good for a specific 10-minute time frame. 

Thursday, 06/14/18


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Free with After Dark Admission

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