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What is new on Software I.P. for startups, and how to detect I.P. Theft

Relevant I.P. updates in 2018 to software start-ups

Every major and successful software company has a patent portfolio and strategy that has been a key factor in its success. This presentation will focus on the patentability of software as well as why and when an entity should consider pursuing patent protection. We will cover the effects and benefits of patents to software companies, best practices for obtaining patent protection in view of recent patent law developments, and some key pitfalls for start-ups to avoid in obtaining software patent protection.

Speaker: Steve Bachmann, Bachmann Law Group

Software Forensics: Detecting Software Intellectual Property Theft

Software copyright infringement is a problem of growing concern. Intellectual property theft may be purposeful to gain an unfair advantage over a competitor, or it may be unintended as when a programmer takes code from one project and uses it in another project without first obtaining the appropriate rights. In all cases, a standard measure and standard methodology is needed to be able to effectively compare source code from different programs to determine whether theft or infringement occurred. This talk will examine the algorithms of software code correlation and how it is used to find legitimate and illegitimate copying.

Speaker: Bob Zeidman, Zeidman Consulting

Wednesday, 08/15/18


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