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Nerd Nite: KEY, Art/Health, Deep Space

The Key System: East Bay Mass Transit in the 1900s

In the early 1900s, the Borax King consolidated horse cars and electric streetcars to serve Richmond, Albany, Berkeley & Oakland, allowing, in the words of retired radio announcer Fred Krock, “the East Bay to become a bedroom community for San Francisco”. Hear how the Key System provided over 50 years of luxury travel at almost the same rate-of-travel as BART and how it was ulitmately done in by the high costs of deferred maintenanance and a conspiracy of private automobile companies.

Speaker: Allan Fisher


Can you hear me now? Communicating with the Deep Space Network

Welcome to the Center of the Universe. Or at least the central place we can communicate from. How do we talk to our fleet of robots that are exploring in and betond our solar system? How did we help confirm plate tectonics, bounce signals off the moon, and protect ourselves from near earth asteroids? NASA’s Deep Space Network is the hidden backbone of the space program. Discover how it works, how it sometimes doesn’t, and how we need to protect it from hackers and funding cuts.

Speaker: Shannon Stirone

The Art of Healing

Healthcare is broken. Doctors and nurses are burned out and leaving their jobs and the profession for saner waters. We are using risky, expensive medical interventions but not using cheaper and safer interventions (like Expressive Arts Therapy) to help people heal from illness. What are some examples of successfully using art to improve outcomes and how can this become the norm?

Speaker: Alan Siegel, MD

Monday, 07/30/18


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$8 Advance, $10 at door

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