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ELIXIR | Odd Salon


Tales of alchemical brews & magical medicines; marvelous mixtures, dubious concoctions & potions passed as perfect remedies

Sunny Noctiluca Alleny - Radium, The Hip Health Fad of the 1920’s
Katherine Kinsey - The Elixir of the Gods: A Sacred History from Mesoamerica to European Court
Colin Alexander - Take Two & Call Me in the Morning: Dr Brinkley and the miracle of goat Testicles
Hernan Pelassini - It makes a gnat fight an elephant. The story of Pisco in SF.
Nancy Caciola - A Brief History of Medicinal Cannibalism
Josh Greenwalt - Mummies and Honey

Curated by Tre Balchowsky

Artwork by Imogen Speer

Tuesday, 08/21/18


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General $15 Reserved $25

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