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Human Exploration to Mars: Becoming Interplanetary

marsPanelists Dava Newman, Nathalie Cabrol and Jennifer Heldmann will examine what researchers are doing right now that will make it possible to put people on Mars in the future.

Humanity is becoming interplanetary. Recent space science missions to Pluto and Jupiter, the discovery of thousands of exoplanets, and orbital missions to monitor Spaceship Earth offer lessons on how we will get to the Red Planet.

Space agencies, academia and industry are working right now on the missions that will get “boots on Mars” in the 2030s. We are testing advanced technologies for the next giant leaps of exploration. From solar electric propulsion to cutting-edge life support systems, to the first crops grown in space, the journey to Mars is already unfolding in tangible ways.

This month’s panel will review a three-stage plan from missions close to Earth involving commercial partners and the International Space Station, advancing to missions in Earth Moon orbit, or deep space, and finally moving on to Mars, where explorers will be practically independent from spaceship Earth. The innovation required to for humanity to become interplanetary cuts across science, exploration and technology. The panelists will discuss the search for life, past and present, on Mars and research in analog environments on Earth.

Fundamentally, education, knowledge and access are the keys to exploring our solar system, Spaceship Earth, and ourselves. The presentation will conclude with an inclusive message on STEAMD (science-technology-engineering-arts-math-design) about changing the conversation to include everyone: the artists, designers, poets and makers. We are all astronauts on Spaceship Earth!

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that the “future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

 NOTE: Due to the popularity of the SETI Talks events, tickets are often sold out. If you register to attend, then realize you will be unable to come, please let us know as we will then be able to open up the seats for others. You can email us at webmaster@seti.org. Thank You!

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Thursday, 09/13/18


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