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The Secret Lives of California Great White Sharks: Modern tracking technologies reveal deep mysteries about one of Earth’s most ancient and successfu

As one of the most ancient vertebrates, sharks have roamed the ocean for some 500 million years and persisted through multiple global mass extinction events. One of the largest predatory shark species, great white sharks are vast travelers and can be found worldwide. Yet California is home to a unique and genetically isolated population of these feared and often misunderstood predators. Today, these ancient creatures concentrate around key areas at the doorstep of California’s most populated metropolitan areas. What they do below the surface of the opaque waters has been seldom observed, and has largely remained a mystery. This void of knowledge is often colored by our primal fears and the enduring narrative of Jaws.

Join us as Salvador Jorgensen shares discoveries and dispels myths resulting from a decade and half of great white shark research and exploration.

Sunday, 09/16/18


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