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October LASER Event - San Jose

Speakers: Dr. Scott Shaffer
Professor, Biological Sciences, San José State University
Technology reveals secrets about the lives of marine animals
Dr. Shaffer uses different forms of biologging technology to investigate and understand how seabirds forage in marine and urban habitats.

Laura Splan
Artist/ Lecturer Stanford University
Material Expressions and Embodied Objects
Splan will present recent projects that use biosensors to create forms and patterns for digitally fabricated artworks as well as for movement with biosensor actuated apparatus.

Dr. Maya Ackerman
Professor of Computer Engineering, Santa Clara University
Songwriting is considered to be a complex creative endeavor in which few can engage - until now. ALYSIA (www.withalysia.com) is a revolutionary songwriting AI assistant that makes it possible for everyone to create original songs in under 5 minutes. This talk will discuss this revolutionary AI, share songs made with ALYSIA, and include a live demo, inviting the audience to create a song with this amazing new technology.

Sophia Wang, Artist
Critical Somatics: Thinking With and As Bodies
Critical thinking is understood to be a cognitive process, but how does the body contribute to cognition? Embodied thought integrates an awareness of both our interior and exterior landscapes. I will present recent dance and curatorial projects that explore different routes to embodied intelligence.

Wednesday, 10/17/18


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LASER Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous

San Jose State University
Art Building Room 133
San Jose, CA 95112