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Reflecting telescopes ultimately predominated at professional observatories in the aftermath of the enormous success of this type of instrument at Mt. Wilson. This was followed by the epic construction of the 5 meter telescope for Mt. Palomar which was to remain the world’s largest for a generation. A spate of 4 meter Palomar copy-cats followed in the 1970s after which new technologies had to be developed to build telescopes bigger than 5 meters. Computer control made this possible after its introduction the 1980s leading to the use of computer adjustable multiple mirror segments and light weight flexible mirrors. Today, ground based reflecting telescopes ranging up to the 30 meters are actively under construction and other telescopes up to 39 meters and even 70-80 meters are either being considered or in the planning stages. Telescopes are also being launched into space to escape the distorting effects of the Earth’s atmosphere and to pursue observations in parts of the electromagnetic spectrum not accessible from the ground.

Speaker: Ken Lum

Friday, 11/09/18


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Peninsula Astronomical Society

Foothill College
Room 5001
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022