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November LASER Event - San Jose

Stardust, Cells and the Origin of Life

The paradigm is that life began in salty sea water, in the ocean, perhaps in hydrothermal vents. But there is an alternative supported by experimental evidence, that life began in fresh water hot springs undergoing cycles of wetting and drying. Under these conditions, protocells can assemble from organic compounds delivered by meteoritic infall 4 billion years ago, when life first emerged on our planet.

Speaker: Dr. David Deamer, University of California, Santa Cruz

Intimacy and Technology

Faith Holland makes evident the bodily closeness and attraction we have with our technologies: we caress screens, gently tap our keyboard; our laptops warm our laps and our phones hug our bodies in our pockets. She will discuss the trajectory of her recent multimedia work from sexual intimacy with devices to relationships of care with technologies.

Speaker: Faith Holland, Artist, New York City

Animations for Exploring Students' Understanding of the Particulate Nature of Reactions

This presentation focuses on a qualitative study performed to examine how first semester general chemistry students made sense of contrasting atomic level animations to develop their understanding of a precipitation reaction event. Findings from interviews, card sorting and model constructing exercises will be shared to examine how the animation treatment affected students’ conceptual understanding in a clinical setting and when embedded in a General Chemistry class. Our latest animation designs, informed by recent studies, will be shown.

Speaker: Dr. Resa Kelly, San José State University

Centre for Emotional Materiality

Focusing on collaboration as an artistic discourse Surabhi Saraf will talk about her project Centre for Emotional Materiality (CEM) and how it came into being. She will discuss the interdisciplinary approach that CEM takes to understand our complex relationship with technology and the effects it has on our bodies, emotions and our environment.

Speaker: Surabhi Saraf, Artist, San Francisco

Thursday, 11/15/18


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LASER Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous

San Jose State University
Campus Village 2 Multipurpose Room
San Jose, CA 95122