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Making bonds by breaking bonds: An unconventional approach to making molecules

Junichiro Yamaguchi

As we are in the business of making molecules, forming and breaking bonds are like two sides of the same coin: the construction of molecules with the desired architecture necessitates the ability to break specific bonds at will. We aim to break stable carbonâ€"carbon bonds in order to create new bonds, and we will strive to design efficient catalysts to accelerate this process.
Currently, this applicant is focusing on parts of my research to a “bond-breaking coupling reaction” which is breaking ester sp2Câ€"C bonds and sp3 C-C bonds, followed by coupling with nucleophiles. In this seminar, I would like to talk mainly two bond-breaking reaction, which are recently discovered in our laboratory.

Speaker: Junichiro Yamaguchi, Waseda Univ.

Monday, 12/03/18


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