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Sharing Global Warming Science with DC Area Schools

Please join with fellow volunteers as we build hands-on science demonstration kits for Washington DC area schools.

These kits focus on climate change.  The demonstrations are at the same time: accurate scientifically AND are very fun and engaging to do.

Several schools have requested that we make available to their teachers and students these demonstrations.  In addition, the demos have been requested by Howard University's Atmospheric Sciences and Chemistry departments -- for use in their community outreach programs.

Bay Area volunteers are providing training in the use of the demos.  Not only will professors, university students and K-12 teachers be the ones soon practicing how to lead the demos, but teams of K-12 students themselves have scheduled rehearsals. The K-12 students themselves are practicing as hands-on climate science presenters!

For years, these demos have engaged tens of thousands of people of all ages in California.  Soon duplicate copies will be available to tens of thousands in the Washington DC area.

Please help us build the kits.  The work parties will not only be very meaningful, but they will be fun.

Descriptions of the kits can be found in the listing on January 12th, as well as on the web posting given on this page. 

Consider the optics of what you are making possible:

Because of your work for a few hours -- kids will be doing hands-on science on climate change in schools surrounding the nation's capital.  Many of the these students are the kids of congressional staff members.  While 60, 70, 80 year old senators may not want to deal with climate science; Washington DC students are not waiting around for someone else to share great climate education with them.  The kids get what so many of the senators would prefer not to see.

Educators in DC are asking for our help,  As Californians, we are glad to do so.

Sunday, 01/13/19


James Callahan

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