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Near-term opportunities for carbon dioxide removal from bioenergy

Daniel Sanchez

Capture and permanent geologic sequestration of biogenic CO2 emissions may provide critical flexibility in ambitious climate change mitigation. However, most bioenergy with carbon capture and sequestration (BECCS) technologies are technically immature or commercially unavailable. Here, I evaluate low-cost, commercially ready and/or small scale BECCS technologies. These include CCS at existing biorefineries, carbon sequestration from biogas upgrading, biochar production, and other advanced systems. These systems embrace modularity, low- or no-cost CO2 capture, and satisfy regional policy conditions or niche market demands to provide cost-effective CO2 sequestration from bioenergy.

Speaker: Daniel Sanchez, UC Berkeley

Wednesday, 02/06/19


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Barrows Hall, Rm 126

UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720