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After Dark: Chocolate

chocolateChocolate: it’s everyone’s favorite...bean? Learn at Pairings: Chocolate how the food of the gods goes from bitter fruit to beloved bar. Then taste your way through a flight of delicious demonstrations and talks for all of your senses: get your hands on some beans, hear about the chocolate-making process firsthand, smell and taste some of the final product, and see some applications of chocolate that might be new to you.

Pairings: Chocolate
With Michael Gomez, Lauren Vicente, Kevin Godes, and Clay Reynolds

7:00 p.m.  |  Fisher Bay Observatory Gallery 6

Go beyond the heart-shaped box this Valentine’s Day"expand your gastronomic and scientific understanding of chocolate. First, join Michael Gomez to learn about the disease threat to the world’s chocolate supply and how scientists aim to use the DNA-editing tool CRISPR to keep us all in cocoa. Then, with chef Kevin Godes and pastry chef Lauren Vicente, get a taste"literally"of how chocolate is formed and all the flavors and garnishes it loves, from florals to cinnamon and Mayan spice, and pick up a few tips on pairing chocolate with rare wines with director of delicious drinks Clay Reynolds. Finally, sample chocolate bark, cocoa-rolled chocolate truffle, and classic pot au crème.

Mesoamerican History in Chocolate With Dr. Michael Grofe
7:30 p.m.  |  Bechtel Gallery 3, Webcast Studio

Modern chocolate is a $50-billion-per-year worldwide business"but the roots of chocolate go way back. As early as 900 AD, Mesoamerican cultures were painting images of cocoa pods on Mayan artifacts and the walls of stone temples. The Mayans called chocolate “the food of gods” and offered it at ceremonies, marriage celebrations, or as an everyday drink. Join Dr. Michael Grofe to discover the rich heritage of chocolate and cacao in Mesoamerica.

Chocolate-and-Strawberry-Covered Strawberries With William Werner
8:30 p.m.  |  Bechtel Gallery 3, Webcast Studio

You’ve had chocolate-covered strawberries, but what about chocolate-and-strawberry-covered strawberries? Treat yourself to a taste of chef William Werner’s innovative take on couverture"high-quality chocolate used for dipping, coating, and molding. Created entirely from natural ingredients at Werner’s Craftsman and Wolves patisserie in San Francisco, his technique allows for vibrant colors and flavors, as well as textures previously thought unattainable.


Chocolate 101 Workshop With Dandelion Chocolate
6:30"9:30 p.m.  |  Gallery 4

Chocolate school is in session, so get to class: learn the basics of chocolate-making from the artisanal chocolate fiends behind San Francisco’s Dandelion Chocolate, with machine demos and tastings every step of the way. Learn how Dandelion’s beans are processed before they even arrive at the factory, then try out different types of chocolate, discover the specific terroirs of single-origin chocolate from around the world, and see these handmade, small-batch chocolates go from bean to bar.

Paint with Chocolate With Explorables
7:00"9:00 p.m.  |  Bechtel Gallery 3

Make art that’s good enough to eat"then go ahead and take a bite. Using Jackson Pollock’s drip-painting technique and a palette of different varieties of melted chocolate, you can create a delicious piece of abstract to take home and share with friends, family, lovers, or strangers...if it lasts that long.

Thursday, 02/14/19


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