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February LASER Event - San Jose

Our speakers for February 21st, 2019 include -

Dr. David Deamer
Biologist and Research Professor of Biomolecular Engineering
University of California, Santa Cruz

Stardust, Cells and the Origin of Life

Description: The paradigm is that life began in salty sea water, in the ocean, perhaps in hydrothermal vents. But there is an alternative supported by experimental evidence, that life began in fresh water hot springs undergoing cycles of wetting and drying. Under these conditions, protocells can assemble from organic compounds delivered by meteoritic infall 4 billion years ago, when life first emerged on our planet.

Yolande Harris
Research Associate
University of California, Santa Cruz

Melt Me Into The Ocean: learning from underwater sound

Description: How do we engage our sonic intelligence to expand our understanding and empathy towards remote environments such as the ocean? ‘Melt Me Into The Ocean’ is a series of artworks that use deep ocean recordings in site-specific installations and sound walks. The technological ability to retrieve sounds from ocean depths and listen to them in land-bound environments, raises questions as to how our sense of place might expand to integrate the submarine world into the presence of our imagination. Sound is considered as engaging a sense of relatedness that allows participants to imaginatively dive beneath the visual surface of the ocean, encouraging a sense of presence and connectedness to arise from these encounters.

Dr. Resa Kelly
Professor, Chemistry
San José State University

Animations for Exploring Students' Understanding of the Particulate Nature of Reactions

Description: This presentation focuses on a qualitative study performed to examine how first semester general chemistry students made sense of contrasting atomic level animations to develop their understanding of a precipitation reaction event. Findings from interviews, card sorting and model constructing exercises will be shared to examine how the animation treatment affected students’ conceptual understanding in a clinical setting and when embedded in a General Chemistry class. Our latest animation designs, informed by recent studies, will be shown.

Victoria Scott
San Francisco

The Energy Body in VR

Description: Reality is modeled in our heads and imaginations; developing thoughts, projected feelings, intuitions about unseen forces, and visualizations of space (in the past and future). No machine can create empathy, but is it possible to open ourselves to spiritual connection, emotional intimacy, and healing of body trauma using visualizations, immersive color and spatialized sound in the virtual world to create safe containers for difficult to confront feelings?

According to energy healers, our external physical bodies, are invisibly surrounded by many differently shaped fields and auras, each with distinct colors, forms and properties. For Laser, I will present two new VR projects which give viewers abstracted visualizations of these emotional energy systems; Field, an experimental, interactive art environment, and Cloud Breath, a breathing meditation app.

Thursday, 02/21/19


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LASER Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous

San Jose State University
Campus Village 2 Multipurpose Room
San Jose, CA 95122