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taste of science: Fossil Poop and Spider Sex

Everybody Poops: What Trace Amounts of Human Waste Tell Us About The Past

Because everybody poops, we each leave a small record of our presence through fecal stanol molecules that can persist in sediments for thousands of years. By identifying changes in the concentration of these molecules over time, we can produce population reconstructions that improve our understanding of history. An application of this method at the Cahokia archaeological site in Illinois reveals that climate change likely played a significant role in the site's depopulation and an indigenous population returned to the area after it was considered to have been 'abandoned.'

Speaker: A. J. White

The flashy, noisy world of spider sex

Did you know that male jumping spiders sing and dance to attract mates? They're noisy, flashy, and somewhat goofy. But what if I told you that the drab-colored, understated females make all the decisions and hold all the power.

Speaker: Erin Brandt

Editor's Note: We originally listed this event for Friday, 2/22.  This is the correct date.

Wednesday, 02/20/19


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