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Innovative applications using Deep Learning and Blockchain w/ Insight AI Fellows

A panel of Insights Fellows, sharing their projects in Deep Learning / AI.

Speaker 1 - Michelle Bonat, CEO & Co-Founder, Data Simply, Inc -
"What I Learned Predicting Crypto Flows with Deep Learning and Blockchain"

Speaker 2 - Josh Deetz, Physical Data Scientist at Carbon
"Identifying At-Risk Patients using Intensive Care Unit Data"

Speaker 3 - Khyati Ganatra, Data Sceintist at Cequence Security
"Deep Photoshop: Smart logo replacement using image infilling"

Deep learning can seem like a dark art. The reality is that it is very achievable to get a model working and predicting well. But deep learning also has some myths and pitfalls of which you should be aware. Michelle Bonat will walk through a project she did to predict cryptocurrency flows using deep learning and blockchain data. This includes code snippets and real world results with various models side by side. I'll also address myths and preconceptions about deep learning to help you dig in for your own projects.

Josh Deetz will point to today's hospitals are crowded with patients. Moreover, intensive care units collect lots of data on their patients, from sensors to laboratory tests. However, they have not leveraged all of this information to improve the quality of care. Josh will speak about how machine learning models can use this information to predict patient mortality in intensive care units, and opportunities for the future of healthcare.

Khyati Ganatra will talk about Deep Photoshop on Smart logo replacement using image infilling.

Editor's Note: The start time has moved up 30 minutes to 6:30.

Monday, 03/25/19


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