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The Rotten City: When Emeryville was the Center of Vice and Corruption on the Pacific Coast

You may think of Emeryville as the East Bay home of IKEA and Pixar, but its modern shopping center facade obscures its history as “The Rotten City”, when Emeryville was widely considered the most corrupt place on the Pacific Coast, an original City of Vice infamous for gambling, prostitution and bluecoat bootlegging. Get the inside scoop of how Emeryville used to out-bordello the Barbary Coast, and hear how stories from its past have created the quirky avant garde community found there today.

Speaker: John Bauters is the former Mayor and current council member for the City of Emeryville.

How to Photograph Photosynthesis

Local scientists just got the best snapshot ever of one of life’s most important biological reactions, and you can see the new angstrom-Instagram-worthy pictures. Find out how scientists at Berkeley Lab and Stanford used x-ray lasers to get #nanoscale #glamourshots of the #realtime #essential process that uses sunlight to split water, create energy, and manufacture oxygen. Learn why visualizing molecules less than 0.1 nanometers long is so difficult and so important, and why these particular photos are critical for understanding photosynthesis and life as we know it.

Speaker: Louise Lassalle is a postdoc in the Molecular Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging Division at Berkeley Lab.

Witness Your Watershed: A Visual Tour of the Drinking Water Supplies of Northern California

Grab your life jacket and follow the watershed down The Delta, where you can meet the rivers we rely on to supply drinking water to the East Bay. From its origin as a vast inland sea to its likely return to a flooded state stretching all the way from Sacramento to the Central Valley, Northern California’s watersheds continue to supply water, be affected by ocean tides more than sixty miles away, and nurture some of California’s most beautiful nature. Join Nerd Nite for a tour of the wild beginnings of your most recent glass of water.

Speaker: Joshua Halpern is the founding guide at Watershed Witness Tours.

Monday, 03/25/19


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