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Serverless Stream Processing: Using Serverless concepts to the streaming world

The last few years have seen the emergence of serverless as a paradigm for event processing. Its very simple programming model has attracted developers in droves. At the same time, its ability to elastically scale has simplified operations significantly. Combined together with the ubiquity of their presence across all cloud providers, serverless today has become the leading choice to do event processing at scale for a lot of companies. In comparison, the most dominant stream processing technologies are heavy weight(e.g. spark, flink, etc) and or are have complicated apis/data model(storm, spark, flink, kafka streams).

In this talk, we will explore how the serverless paradigm is applied to data
processing in Apache Pulsar, a next-generation data messaging platform. Apache Pulsar provides native support for serverless functions where the data is processed as soon as it arrives in a streaming fashion and that provides flexible deployment options (thread, process, container). We will describe how these functions make data engineering easier especially for common tasks in data transformation, data extraction, content routing and content filtering. Furthermore, we will describe how they can be applied to edge computing use cases where lots of noisy data is filtered
and only relevant data is processed and transported to the data center.

Speaker: Sanjeev Kulkarni, Stremlio

Monday, 04/22/19


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