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'Can Red Dwarf Stars Host Habitable Planets?'

"Can Red Dwarf Stars Host Habitable Planets?"

 Dr. Gibor Basri - Professor at UC Berkeley.

 ABSTRACT --  Much recent news about exoplanets has concerned the discovery of earth-sized planets in the “habitable zone” of "red dwarf" stars. This is partly because such planets are more easily found around small stars, and partly because most stars are red dwarfs. Can planets in the habitable zone (I’ll expand on this concept) around a red dwarf actually harbor earth-like life? Among the potential problems are stellar magnetic activity and the fact that the planets will always have one side towards the star. Until recently most astronomers would have said “no” but this is changing. I’ll explain why and talk about recent discoveries.


BIO -- Gibor Basri joined the faculty of the Berkeley Astronomy Department in 1982. His areas of research include star formation, solar and low mass stars, and stellar magnetic activity. He was an early pioneer in the study of brown dwarfs. He has extensively used telescopes at the Lick and Keck Observatories, and was a Co-Investigator on NASA's  Kepler mission, which has revolutionized our knowledge about exoplanets. He is a recipient of the Sagan award for communicating science.

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Friday, 04/12/19


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