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Rare Plants at Springtown Preserve

Come explore Springtown Preserve in Livermore with Golden Hour Restoration Institute and the California Center for Natural History. The Springtown alkali sink is made up of a mosaic of vernal pools, mima mounds, and alkali scalds that support unique vegetation, including a number of rare plants. 

We'll walk through the preserve looking at plants and then learn about monitoring methods from Lech Naumovich from Golden Hour.

Lech will lead a short introductory session on using transects to monitor plants. Attendees will learn a simple, but effective method for monitoring plants at a project site. We will utilize a belt transect and discuss frequency data (which is also great for non-native plant monitoring) as well as cover for estimating populations.

Please bring water and sun protection. The portion of the preserve we'll be exploring is mostly flat and exposed to the elements.

You can learn more about the ecology of the preserve and ongoing conservation efforts at the website of the Friends of Springtown Preserve.

Sunday, 04/28/19


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Springtown Wetlands Preserve

Livermore, CA 94551