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Hardcore Natural History Series - The Plastic Link in the Agriculture Supply Chain

Daniella Russo and Greg Baxter are the co-founders of Think Beyond Plastic, the leader of a global multidisciplinary effort to identify and commercialize upstream innovations that eliminate plastic pollution, with focus on innovative product delivery systems. At Hardcore Natural History, they'll be discussing their work in agricultural supply chains in our area.

To secure a rich pipeline of innovation, Think Beyond Plastic is building an innovation eco-system connecting industry, investors and innovators. To support the eco-system and the needs of innovators, investors and industry, Think Beyond Plastic operates an Innovation Center with a network of Regional User facilities for design, testing, characterization and prototyping across the planet, as well as the International Space Station.

Daniella and Greg believe that intractable environmental challenges can be addressed by harnessing the forces of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the power of the markets to do good. They are serial entrepreneurs.

Thursday, 07/18/19


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Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

165 Forest Ave
Pacific Grove, CA 93950