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Large-scale structure cosmology from low to high redshift

Close to a decade in the making, the imminent DESI experiment (desi.lbl.gov <http://desi.lbl.gov/> ) promises to revolutionise  our understanding of Dark Energy and extend large-scale structure studies to z~2.  But what comes next?  The unprecedented depth of LSST will enable 'dropout' selection of Lyman-break galaxies at z~3 and 4 that prove ideal for studies of the primordial Universe and horizon-scale gravity.   Based on recent work (arxiv.org/abs/1904.13378, arxiv.org/abs/1903.09208), I'll discuss the potential of this science case for future surveys, in particular with respect to the synergy with CMB lensing and DESI itself.  

Speaker: Mike Wilson, UC Berkeley

Monday, 05/13/19


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