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Unsolved problems in digital geoscience... and how to solve them

What are the most pressing problems in digital geoscience? David Hilbert's 23 problems in mathematics propelled generations of researchers; today the Clay Mathematical Institute's Millennium Problems are similarly motivating. As we enter a new era of computational discovery, Dr. Hall believes a similar list of unsolved problems in geoscience, and its industrial application, will help focus attention on the big problems, generate broader interest, and even attract new funding to the discipline. Dr. Hall has sifted through previously published lists to find the problems that linger and has conducted some crowdsourcing experiments to discover some more. Dr. Hall also explored lots of new ways for academic and industrial earth scientists to collaborate and quickly make progress on hard problems. Dr. Hall will talk about what he has found and discuss ways that we can continue to do this work so that it's useful to everyone in the community.

Speaker: Matt Hall,

Tuesday, 05/28/19


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Braun (Geology) Corner (Bldg 320), Rm 220

450 Serra Mall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305