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Exploration and ecology within mesophotic coral reefs

Tyler Phelps

Fifteen minutes. That’s all the time they have to collect their data at 500 feet. Dressed like “aquanauts,” they’re the first divers to ever visit this reef. After documenting the habitat, conducting transects and collecting potential new species, they begin their ascent. It will take six hours of decompression before being able to surface.

From his first dive at Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Underwater Explorers program to the new species he has been involved in discovering around the world, Tyler Phelps from the California Academy of Sciences will take you for a “dive” into these mesophotic coral reefs. Learn about the interesting fish ecology their team has found in these ecosystems while dealing with challenges they encounter on their global expeditions.

Speaker: Tyler Phelps, California Academy of Sciences

Wednesday, 06/12/19


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