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Astronomy Talks @ Clarmont

Ever look up at the night sky and wonder what’s all that up there? Have you been following the news about the black hole and the event horizon and would like to understand more about these phenomena and other Astronomy concepts? Join us and get a download on what’s hot in Astronomy via bite-size presentations by local scientists, grad students, and science hobbyists (citizen scientists). Everyone welcome.

"The Invisible Gas in the Universe" by Yong Zheng, UC Berkeley Astronomy

"Galaxies on Supercomputers" by Xiangcheng Ma, UC Berkeley Astronomy

"Gone But Not Forgotten: Hypervelocity Relics from Exploding Stars" by Ken Shen, UC Berkeley Astronomy

Tuesday, 06/11/19


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Berkeley Public Library Clarement Branch

2940 Benvenue
Berkeley, CA 94705