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The Internet of Everything: Here, There, Everywhere

It's a known fact that building hardware -- and hardware companies -- is just plain hard. From managing the supply chain to the challenges of harnessing big data, companies that are on the leading edge of the IoT revolution are finding that it takes more than a good idea and a great team to bring a product to market. Layer in the massive expense of R&D, fabrication, with an ever-growing list of expenses to combat in the Bay Area, and companies leading the charge in IoT are forced to deploy creative tactics to break from the crowd.

Join us and senior executives from Iris Automation, Copper, Metropolitan Intelligence, Nodle, Breadware, and Grush who will share their experiences and best practices of growing their companies both here in the Bay Area -- and up in Reno where a new hot pocket of IoT companies is starting to form.

* Grace McKenzie, Director of Operations & Controller, Iris Automation (SF & Reno)
* Doug Richey, CEO, Copper (Reno)
* Stephanie Hayden, CEO & Founder, Metropolitan Intelligence (Oakland)
* Garrett Kinsman, Co-Founder, Nodle (SF)
* Daniel Price, CEO, Breadware (Reno)
* Ethan Daniel Schur, Co-Founder, Grush (SF)

Thursday, 06/27/19


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$20 - $22

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Executive Briefing Center
221 Main St
San Francisco, CA 94105