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Space Movies Aboard the Hornet

The films we will be showing primarily come from the Smithsonian Channel. Because of the Museum’s Smithsonian Affiliate status, we can show these documentaries at the USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum. Come aboard to explore the future of space exploration through these documentaries while surrounded by the past innovations that launched men to the Moon! 

“Finding Life in Outer Space” 

Over billions of years, planet Earth has become home to an amazing interdependent ecosystem, containing a dizzying variety of animals and plants. But how did life here begin? And does it exist anywhere outside of our solar system? We uncover the secrets of our world by tracking the evolution of the cosmos itself, from the Big Bang onwards. Follow scientists responsible for some of the major breakthroughs in understanding the origins of life and witness how their discoveries are fundamentally changing the way we perceive the universe. 

 “Billionaire Space Club” 

A new golden age of space travel is dawning, one that will soon give humans an astronomical view of the world and may eventually allow us to leave Earth and begin life on another planet. See how the space race has expanded from a competition between governments to a commercial enterprise funded by today’s most successful billionaires. From space tourism to plans to colonize Mars, billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson hopes to radically transform our future"and make money doing it. 

 “Leaving Earth: Or How to Colonize a Planet” 

Some scientists, including world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, believe that in order to safeguard humanity’s future, we need to leave Earth and colonize another planet. But is there an alien world out there that we could call home? How would we travel across the vast distances of space to get there? And what would it take to set up a new civilization? See how visionary scientists and engineers are pushing their imaginations and ingenuity to the limits to prepare humanity for what would surely be its greatest adventure yet.  


11AM " 12:30PM: Screening “Finding Life in Outer Space” (Hangar Bay 3) 

1PM " 2:30PM: Screening “Billionaire Space Club” (Hangar Bay 3) 

3PM " 4:30PM: Screening “Leaving Earth: Or How to Colonize a Planet” (Hangar Bay 3) 


For more information about the Museum’s Splashdown 50 celebration, please visit uss-hornet.org/splashdown50!

Monday, 07/22/19


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