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The Curious World of Seaweed, with Josie Iselin

seaweedThe Curious World of Seaweed: Stories from the Pacific Coast by Josie Iselin (Heyday Books) intertwines art with science to tell the natural and cultural history of 16 iconic kelps and seaweeds from our coast. Her contemporary scans of marine algae are combined with historical lithographs and herbarium pressings to create a visual treasure trove joining the history of the students of this obscure corner of our ocean universe - many of them pioneering women scientists - and explanations of how these extraordinary organisms succeed in a world so different from our own. Iselin will also update us on environmental change and the demise of North Coast bull kelp, as well as the role of sea otters in the health of our Pacific coast oceanic forests.

Local artist Josie Iselin is the author of books including Beach Stones, Beach: A Book of Treasure, and An Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed. Her artwork is on view at josieiselin.com. Autographed copies will be available.

Join us at Sunset for a remarkable evening of art and science revealing the little-known world where the land ends!

Thursday, 08/15/19


Robert Crabill

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Sunset Branch SF Public Library

1305 8th Ave
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