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Nerd Nite East Bay #78: Art and Math, Punishment and Gravitational Waves

art20 Art Experiments With Math in 20 Minutes

In a rapid fire art extravaganza, Nerd Nite will zip through the world of strange, quirky, and beautiful mathematics that you never learned about in school, and explore how math can be used to define new artistic forms. See paradoxes, puzzles, infinities, chaos, fractals, surreals and automata, and learn how our conception of art often relies on numbers and relationships just below the surface.

Speaker: Roger Antonsen, University of Oslo

You've Been Bad: What Science Says About Punishment and Human Behavior

The last decade has brought a long overdue reexamination of retribution as a criminal deterrent, with a growing acceptance that modern criminal justice policy rooted in ancient morality and religious traditions may not be as relevant in the modern world. Learn about the direct connections between the Bible and policies still in force today. Then see the real statistics that support (or refute) shaming, caning, community service, the death penalty, and incarceration, and learn the lessons this new data holds for crime prevention, parenting and even pet-rearing.

Speaker: Sara Yousuf, The Justice Colaborative

How Einstein’s Gravitational Waves Discovered Gold and Explored the Universe

Scientists have recently developed a new way to explore the universe, using gravitational waves predicted by Albert Einstein nearly a century ago. See how these waves illuminate some of the most exotic objects in the cosmos, including star corpses and neutron stars. Then learn how these new techniques recently solved one of the enduring mysteries of the universe, identifying the interstellar source of the gold, platinum, uranium, and even Californium that we now have on earth.

Eliot Quataert, UC Berkeley

Monday, 08/26/19


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